Bulgarian Monday, 5  February 
Bogomil Bonev: We are witnessing an authoritarian regime Stoyan Denchev: It is Immoral to Nominate Myself as PM

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President Stoyanov: 51% of Votes Are Not Guaranteed to UDF

The President accepted the proposal of the UDF to be their nominee for the head of state and warned that a new coalition is an unavoidable choice

The UDF should be prepared to form a new coalition after the elections to remain in power, said President Stoyanov in his speech before the UDF members and supporters yesterday in Sofia. It might happen that the UDF will not win the absolute majority in the forthcoming elections, warned the Head of State. He added, however, that an intelligent political leadership must have "a couple of trumps up its sleeve", without announcing it publicly, in case it doesn't win a landslide victory. During the coming four years Bulgaria has to stick to the already established priorities, said the President. The price that the UDF has to pay - a broad coalition - is not too dear, he told the leadership of the UDF in Sofia. The principle "he who is not with us is against us" is too primitive. He appealed to the UDF to review its own mistakes and to change the things that mar its reputation. The best policy is the policy of throwing bridges, told President Stoyanov. When asked whether he will run for a second term in office the President did not give a categorical answer, but agreed in principle to the proposal of the UDF-Sofia to be nominated as their candidate. Before the elections, when there won't be an acting Parliament and the cabinet will be busy with the elections, it is the presidential institution that has to remain the guarantor of peace and security in the country, Stoyanov said. That is why I do not announce my own candidature, for I want to remain an acting President for longer period rather than be a candidate for the office, explained the Head of State.
Teodora Bozhkova
Ivan Tropankev

President Peter Stoyanov meets for the first time in the last 4 years with the members of the UDF-Sofia, who nominated him as head of state. The meeting took place on the anniversary of the signing of the national consent declaration in 1997. PHOTO MARINA ANGELOVA

"Gergyovden": UDF Ought to Disband Parliament

A politician with high rating must head a caretaker government, declares the Movement
Put civic pressure on your deputies and make them disband the Parliament and appoint a caretaker government, runs the text of the appeal that "Gergyovden" sent to all UDF structures and especially the UDF-Sofia. The appeal was read out by a former auditor, Emil Dimitrov, yesterday. We have spread out the appeal among those who attended the meeting between the President and the UDF-Sofia, said Secretary of the Movement, Ljuben Dilov Jr. Giving support to your inadequate government at the moment you actually undermine whatever little confidence is left in people in the morality of policy you pursue. Make this step for the sake of Bulgaria, not in the name of your narrow party interests or the ambitions of your leaders, appealed "Gergyovden" to the UDF. The existing government and PM Kostov do not have the necessary support of the voters, they do not have the moral right to make laws and run the country, said Emil Dimitrov. The President has to appoint a caretaker prime minister, a person enjoying high public confidence, "Gergyovden" maintains. You know who has higher political rating than that of PM Kostov, even in the ranks of the UDF, they added. "Gergyovden" had talks with the leaders of the BSP, MRF and BBB (Bulgarian Business Bloc) to discuss the idea of disbanding the Parliament and appointing a caretaker cabinet. They have the intention to await the end of the debate on escalating crime to be held in the Parliament on Tuesday, explained Emil Dimitrov. According to "Gergyovden", they have the support of the Civic Party for Bulgaria headed by ex-Minister of Interior, Bogomil Bonev, while the IMRO (Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization) is still thinking over their stand. Most probably we shall back up the candidature of Peter Stoyanov in the coming presidential elections, for at the moment no one can equal him, added Emil Dimitrov.
Dimitrina Dimitrova

February 5 In Bulgaria

In 1909 Russia recognized Bulgaria's independence. On September 22, 1908 Prince Ferdinand declared the independence of Bulgaria. This act, however, was met with animosity not by the Ottoman empire only but by the European powers as well.

Weather Today - more significant increase of cloudiness in west Bulgaria and in the Danube plain. Highs - in most parts of the country - from 3 to 8, in Sofia about 4 C. Tomorrow - warm southwestern air will pervade. The temperatures will rise considerably. Lows - from minus 2 to minus 3 C, highs - from 7 to 12 C. Predominantly sunny weather.
Interior Minister Goes On A Wild Goose Chase

Evidently, Minister Emmanuil Yordanov works efficiently chasing wild gooses instead of gangsters. He made much ado about nothing bluffing that groupings' bosses got scared to the point of fleeing abroad. The Minister did not elaborate on any names. Society, however, puts some questions: Firstly, why did he let them flee? Secondly, why isn't he getting them back with the help of Interpol? Thirdly, do the bosses commit crimes all by themselves? And the rest of the groupings' members are mere lambkins, aren't they? Then it comes out that Minister Yordanov is talking through his hat. This is his only asset, it seems.



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