FEATURES Sunday, 23 June 2002 


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Maria Mitzeva Catches up with Tom Jones

The singer who became famous before Lili Ivanova and Emil Dimitrov has a successful career in the USA

Spouses Maria Mitzeva and Mihan Berberyan are among the most famous couples in the Bulgarian show business in the 60-ies. She sings with the best Bulgarian orchestras and he plays the trombone in them. The press in Austria hints that the Vienna audience isn't mature enough to listen to her hits. The couple owns a shop for European antiques in Beverly Hill and lives in Palm Springs. They know Clint Eastwood, Barbara Streisand and Silvie Vartan. The Bulgarian who is famous in the USA like 'Tom Jones in a dress' has many fans all over America. She was born in Plovdiv, where she graduated from the Musical School.
Albena Atanassova

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