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Longer Wedding Night for Kalina

Boiko Borissov asked Slavi Triffonov not to mock at the PM's daughter

The first wedding night of Princess Kalina and Kitin is to last an hour longer. The reason is that on October 27 Bulgaria is to revert to the astronomical time. Tens of wedding planning agencies are pouring offers for balloons and petards over the Vrana residence, "Standart" learnt. All the offers for pyroeffects and design are to be looked over by Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha in person after his return from London tonight. Many folklore and dance groups from all over the country are also offering their services. Early next week it will become clear which of them are to be selected. Then the precises list of the guests will also be known. IM Chief Secretary Gen. Boiko Borissov, being a close friend of the Coburg-Gotha family, confirmed during Slavi's talk show that he received an invitation to the wedding. He, however, reproached Slavi during the show on bTV on Monday and asked him not to make jokes about Kalina any more. He also admitted that at times, he felt uneasy listening to Slavi's jokes that were out of place on TV.
Antoineta Peteva

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