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Poultry - More Expensive In Winter

The poultry price will increase in the coming winter, Prof. Boris Stoimenov, chairman of the Poultry Farmers' Union, prognosticated. To him, in winter the expenses on import of poultry products will grow, while now unfair competition is dumping the price of the Bulgarian poultry. The eggs prices won't rise, forecast Stoimenov. The government should subsidize egg's and poultry export, demand the farmers. They propose a 2-cent subsidy per egg and 20-cent per kilo of poultry. Furthermore, they insist on 50-percent customs duty for eggs during the whole year. Currently, the importers pay 50% as customs duty only during the summer, while in the winter it's 25%. The expected poultry production in 2002 amounts to 110 000 tons, while another 40 000 tons fall on the import, Stoimenov said further.
Nevena Mircheva

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