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Bulgarian Women Catch up with Men in Drinking

Women are more sickly, but live seven years longer than their husbands

The number of the Bulgarians who take to drinking because of stress and misery is growing, show the data from the last poll of the National Institute of Statistics (NSI). 81.4 percent of men in Bulgaria regularly drown problems in alcohol. Their women have all chances to catch up with them soon - 67.8 % of women say that they drink with or without reason. Cigarettes are another big passion of the Bulgarians. Every second of our fellow countrymen between 45 and 65 years of age is a smoker. The number of passionate smokers is constantly increasing, the poll of the NSI shows. 51.7 percent of men and 29.8 percent of women are smokers. Every tenth Bulgarian says that he doesn't feel well. 35.9 percent of men and 44.4 percent of women think they have poor health. The greatest is the number of people who die of diseases induced by bad blood circulation. Malignant tumors are the second cause of death. Every year more than 1.200 women die of breast or genitals cancer. When it comes to death caused by tumors of trachea, bronchi or lungs the percentage of men is over 80%. On the average women live 7.1 years longer than men. That's why they continue to exceed men in number. In 2001 the ratio is 1,000:1054 in favor of women. Statisticians say that life expectancy for Bulgarians who were born between 1998 and 2000 is about 71.7 years.

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