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Bulgaria's Arms Export Totals US$250 Million Annually

Bulgaria's annual arms exports are worth USD 240-250 M according to the country's arms trade control secretary.
In an interview for the bTV television, Vladimir Velichkov from the interdepartmental committee for control on arms trade, pointed out that Bulgaria enjoys high chances to emerge strong on the arms market following its accession to NATO in 2004. "We have good technology and excellent specialists," he said.
Velichkov stressed that the country is already licensing the intermediaries after completing the scrutiny of the producers.
Commenting on the arms scandal, he said that the license of the BETA company which has allegedly smuggled arms to embargoed Sudan was revoked one and a half years ago.
BETA's present and former executive directors have arranged exports of pieces for self-propelled howitzers to Sudan, Bulgarian media claimed on Thursday. They consequently arrested and then freed under a court decision.

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