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They Will Receive the Relics If They Admit They Are Bulgarians

Picture Prof. Bozhidar Dimitrov, Director of the National Museum of History  
Macedonia can have no claims whatsoever to the relics of Saint Cyril. If the Macedonians declare they are of Bulgarian origin, they will have part of the relics in their territory. They first need to define their state, but not to constantly steal bits of national identity and national history from the others. The Bulgarian state institutions should not enter in a dispute with the Macedonian media. If we do this, this will inevitably imply that we recognize the existence of a Macedonian state, and such a state does not practically exist. And the creation of the Slav alphabet is a deed of the Bulgarian state. And the Bulgarian state has allotted substantial funds for the establishment of the Slav Letters; for the creation of thousands of books and the education of writers and priests. And there is a chronicle, in which Cyril himself admits that he and his brother Methodius descend from a noble Bulgarian family.

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