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Treasure of Dabene Takes the World by Storm

The Guardian compares the discovery of the 15,000 gold items with the findings at Troy

Picture The restored bijoux of the Dabene treasure
Photo Mihail Mihailov
Prof. Nikolay Ovcharov
In the spring of 2004 two young archaeologists from the National Museum of History entered a small shop at the center of Sopot (central Bulgaria). One of them noticed that a unique jewelry decorated the neck of the salesgirl - these were rings of pure gold which didn't look modern. They seemed to be ancient enough to be kept in a museum. It turned out that the woman's husband who worked as a tractor-driver had found the bijou at the locality near the village of Dubene. The man willingly showed the site and only several weeks later the archaeologists started the excavation works.
Some 500 gold finds were discovered the same year, but the experts hoped that 2005 would be even more generous. Archaeologist Martin Hristov from the National Museum of History and his consultant Prof. Vassil Nikolov from the Museum of Archaeology will remember this year forever. The excavations started on March 16 and ended on November 21. They well deserved the team's efforts - more than 15,000 gold items of pure gold were discovered. But the value of the finds is far higher than the face-value of the precious metal they are made of.
The news about the Dubene treasure spread all over the world. The English Guardian newspaper wrote that it could be compared with the findings at Troy only. The Independent joined its astonishment. Famous British scientist Dr. Zosia Archibald commented that the treasure is of world importance because it will change the notion about the links between Europe and Asia during the Bronze era.

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