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Thursday, 9 February 2006
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Right-Hand Man of Siderov Thrashes Opponent

MP Pavel Chernev sends into knockdown activist of an opponent organization

Heavyweight right-hand man of Volen Siderov, leader of the ultra-nationalist Ataka faction in the National Assembly, attacked and beat black and blue a young man, member of an opponent organization, after an interview the latter gave for SKAT TV. Chernev and his two robust accomplices ambushed the victim Tuesday night when he emerged from the TV station.
Activists of the Bulgarian National Union, Ivailo Dachov and Adriana Miteva, have recently split from Ataka. One of the assailants held Dachov tight, while Chernev punched him into belly. Miteva started creaming for help; at that point, though, two more thugs showed up and threatened to rip her open. Approached for comment, Chernev said flat: "It's a pack of lies. The guy was drunk and fell down."
Dachov has obtained a medical confirmation of his condition and filed a complaint against Chernev in the 7th Police Precinct in Sofia.

M-Tel Teaches Business to Young Talents

M-Tel, Bulgaria's first and largest GSM operator, and New Bulgarian University set up a business school. The founders announced the newly established M-Tel Foundation for Free Entrepreneur Spirit in Bulgaria at a ceremony on Wednesday.
Young talents will be taught the subtleties of free market at special seminars. Lectors from the USA, Great Britain, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Israel have been invited.


Stanishev and Berlusconi Discussed Bulgarian Reforms

"Bulgarian PM Sergei Stanishev met with his Italian counterpart Silvio Berlusconi at the PM's office Chigi Palace in Rome," BTA announced. They discussed the progress of Bulgaria's reforms on the country's way to EU accession.
"I thanked PM Stanishev for the gratitude he expressed to my government for its support for Bulgaria's EU entry," Berlusconi explained after the end of the talks.
The two premiers discussed the development of industrial cooperation in the sphere of power engineering.
Stanishev stressed the bilateral interest in the building of Corridor No 8. "Keeping in mind the good relations between Bulgaria, Russia and Italy as well as the declared common interest, I believe that an optimum decision will be reached which will satisfy all the countries," he said.
"Bulgaria is on the right way and it will become an EU member on January 1, 2007," ex-president of the European Commission Romano Prodi said before Stanishev yesterday.
Stanishev promoted Sofia's candidature to host the Winter Olympic Games in 2014 before Luca di Montezemolo, President of the Italian Industrial Confederation, chairman of Fiat and Honorary President of the Organizational Committee of the Turin Olympic Games.

February 9 in History

1998, the Bulgarian biathlon athlete Ekaterina Dafovska became the first Bulgarian Winter Olympics champion.

Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi, right, welcomes his Bulgarian counterpart Sergey Stanishev during their meeting in Rome, at the premier's office Chigi Palace, Wednesday
Photo AP
  WEATHER - Thursday, 9 February 2006
      Clouds over Bulgaria will be getting denser rapidly. In the northwestern regions snowfalls are expected in the afternoon. By night, snowfalls will spread over the whole country, alternating with rains in the south and the Black Sea coast. Icy crust may cover the roads. Wind from the south will be light to moderate. Lower visibility in early morning hours. The temperatures will vary between - 10 to - 5 °C; in some part of Bulgaria, especially the lower lands and around water basins, down to - 12, -10 °C. Day temperatures will rise up to 0,5 °C .

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