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Mariana Popova: I was the "man" at Eurovision

I went through plenty of ups and downs in the last two months, said the singer

Picture Mariana Popova won the ovation of the musicians in Athens who recognized her as the real winner in the contest  
"I demonstrated courage. At a gay festival like Eurovision there should be at least one man and that was me, " Bulgarian singer Mariana Popova said on her return from Athens. She confided that in the last two months before the contest she had gone through plenty of ups and downs.
"I wonder how I composed myself to sing in Athens. When I saw the Bulgarian national flag I felt really great. We did our best, but the finalists were chosen according to political criteria and not because of their talent," said Mariana.
The Greek television proclaimed Mariana Popova the sexiest singer at Eurovision.
Georgy P. Dimitrov

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