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Interview MONDAY, 9 April 2007

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Vladimir Zarev: We Resurrect after Every Moment of Happiness

In times of lawlessness people have gathered a lot of stones in their souls, the writer believes

In the modern Bulgarian literature Vladimir Zarev is one of the most prominent figures. He is the author of a voluminous collection of short stories, novelettes and novels. For many years he has been the editor-in-chief of the Savremennik literary journal. Born in 1947.
- Mr. Zarev, in your opinion, how soon could the Bulgarians witness the national spiritual resurrection?
- On the Cross Jesus chose Suffering before the Miracle of Freedom, his resurrection is one of the most magnificent and beautiful metaphors that human mind has ever created. It will forever be close to people's hearts. In these inspiring spring days when the very light seems different, as if newborn, I think that the Resurrection is genetically immanent to Nature, it is not just revives, it explodes in new life. As for a nation, its rebirth comes along with The Word, because The Word alone can transform being into memory thus creating the ever-living History.
- What are the fears that we, as a nation, have to overcome?
- We have to overcome the treacherous and humiliating fear of misery, the struggle for mere physical survival, the fear of mental and cultural profanation and permeating vulgarity, the cynicism and ugliness of thugs and nouveaux riches. Moreover, we have to overcome the fear of our own fears. If we want to build a civil society we must learn that apart from hundreds of obligations towards the ruined state we also have our rights. The State has long turned its back on the obligations to people. Meanwhile the bureaucracy, all these meaningless commissions, committees, etc. are mushrooming. We must slap these arrogant people in the face, make the sober up.
- Are the politicians alone to blame for the bad karma of Bulgaria?
- The political caste in Bulgaria bears the major blame for the fact that democracy has deteriorated into anarchy, that corruption has become a norm, the immune system of the society - police and judiciary - has been paralyzed, the life of several generations has been robbed of any meaning. The people of Bulgaria hardly believe in anything not because they are poor and forlorn, but because there's a tremendous deficit of justice in our country.
- What Bible story would you recommend as a memento to our politicians?
- They should rather think over the words from the Ecclesiastes: "There is time to take stones away and time to get stones together..."  They must remember that in times of anarchy and lawlessness people have gathered a lot of stones in their souls and fists.  
- Easter is the time when we want to believe in miracles. What miracle would you like to come true?
- I would like to see punished at least a handful of people who not only have plundered billions, but allowed the so-called "transition" to last for over a decade in this shameful and painful way. Believe me, if this miracle happens we will witness many other wonderful miracles.


Ljudmila Gabrovska

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