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Arts&Culture WEDNESDAY, 2 May 2007

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Ivan Ninov - Enchanting Art in Black and White

The master of the drawing looks for the hues of life's emotions

Ivan Ninov is one of the most distinguished masters of the graphic art
The graphics of Ivan Ninov are made with passion, determination and great sense of harmony - something hard to find nowadays in a busy and stressful life.  The eminent painter entered the second competition for contemporary art, organized by M-Tel with seven of his works. One year ago, his works made in dry point printing technique won the first prize in another art competition, bearing the name of the great genius Leonardo. Countless are the biennales and triennials, where the works of   Ivan Ninov have been more than well received. The artist is well known in   France, Slovenia, Serbia, Canada, Japan, Norway, Poland, Spain, Austria, Sweden and Romania. The golden medal that Ninov received in US for the contribution he made to the world art scene will always have a special place in the artist's heart.  His modest nature is well known among his contemporaries, but other professionals know too well how much hard work, perseverance and talent he puts into his works. The black and white graphics of Ivan Ninov are inspirations to other artists and many experts and art lovers across the world. He has gathered his reputation with certain hues of four colors that make his graphics so distinct. It is a difficult printing process, but the artist prefers it to the simple application of basic colors, where the emphasis is more on the illustration of the work. The black color is the artist's concept." Black is the foundation of the print. As in a drawing, the white color is represented by the actual sheet. As in life itself," In reality, he does not see the world around him in white color, but he does not see it in black either. Hardly anyone perceives the world in white. After sixty years of life enhancing situations, the artist stays   midway, not falling into deep contrasts.

Lyusiena Krumova

Composition with Act II


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