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Index TUESDAY, 7 August 2007

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Tests Prove Staviski Was Tipsy

The Hammer of the World Skating Champion killed a 23-year-old man right after a routine road police checkup

Yesterday, nobody could tell exactly how drunk was Maxim Staviski before the car accident near the Ropotamo river bridge on Sunday evening. The Hammer of the world champion collided with a Honda and killed its driver. The driver's girlfriend is in coma and the condition of two of their fellow-travellers is critical.
At first, the police informed that Maxim had not consumed alcohol before the accident. Later it transpired that Staviski had 1.2 per mille of alcohol in his blood, which means that he had 2-3 shots of vodka.
Police heads from Sofia ordered us not to give information about the case, Bourgas policemen confided reluctantly yesterday.
In the afternoon, sources from the Interior Ministry announced that a breathalyzer gauged 1.8 per mille while the tests proved that he had 1.10 per mille in his blood.
Some 500 meters before the place of the accident, road policemen stopped Staviski and warned him to drive carefully. The fact is that the speed at which Albena Denkova's partner ran into the victim's vehicle was 100km/h.

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