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Scandal THURSDAY, 13 March 2008

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28.06.07      17:30    Eskin to PovestkaGood day,
1. Yesterday our director Ilia Rozenfeld met with three MKs and gave them the existing in Hebrew (information??) on MChS (Michael Cheney). He also asked them to consider the possibilities of inquiries through Knesset.
2.The site has already a working look. Replenishing constantly. The Hebrew version is working. The distribution is working.
3. Mark Bibichkov
Mark Bibichkov was born in Samarcand in 1968. There he graduated from high school and from 1986 till 1988 served in anti-aircraft missile units in Turkmenistan.
Then he moved to Moscow where he studied in the yeshiva and parallel to studied on the linguistic faculty of Tartu university.
In 1991 he immigrated to Israel where he immediately entered the Jerusalem University on the journalistic and linguistic faculty.
Since 1993 he is active in politics.
He started to work in the Knesset as an assistant to MK Ephraim Gur. In 1995 he became a press-secretary of the Scharansky Party "Israel be-Aliya".
All this time he is working in "Vesti" (newspaper) and other periodical and analytical publications.
In 1997 he is appointed as press-secretary of Ehud Barak (for Russian-speaking). Bibichkov played an important role in his victory on 1999 elections.
From 2000 till 2006 Mark Bibichkov is working as an advisor to the Minister of Defense. He worked with a number of Ministers. Bibichkov has an access of the highest extent.
He also worked with Shimon Peres and lobbied his victory in the Knesset on the President's election.
The best candidate for the Supreme Court of Justice (as one to get access to?)
Accepted in the Governmental circles, has an authority, clean and transparent image. Ready to appear publicly and to work in the Knesset and with the Ministers. Ready to appear in the Press and to lobby.


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