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Scandal THURSDAY, 13 March 2008

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Mail 18


From Ilia Rozenfeld To: david Eidelman


If we want that the newspaper will reflect themes connected with Liber (that is their nickname for the Minister Liberman), his Party an with Cherny, then onsequently the blocks concerning particular subjects shall be established similar to those already existed on the site. In addition to them again similar to the satellites may twirl around - about other politicians, oligarchs, interconnections between these and those, about corruption. Acting in such way I can offer in addition to writing new articles based on the documents from the file and the news on this subject, to establish the following blocks which to my opinion will become the backbone of the newspaper:


Cherneys affair chern.shtml


Liber's snowgirl and hers goblins liber.shtml

Best regards Ilia Rozenfeld

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