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Scandal THURSDAY, 13 March 2008

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Mail 19

Second page. 11.10.07 10:04
To: il, David,
Excerpts 1st Page of I, underlined lines.
The public opinion poll data.
Do not publish anywhere until we will discuss it!
The only thing that follows it and worthwhile to be published this is questions 5 and 6 (2 questions planted to bring Cherney's affair into the public opinion poll. They are not really interested in other 7). This is exactly what I insert in the process of making corrections towards the public opinion poll.
En general exactly according to scenario of my (public) appearances and for the Supreme court of Justice. Exactly what is needed for Supreme Court of Justice. Exactly what I would give to the Press.
I will notify Avigdor (Eskin).
That what is appositive aspect in the public opinion poll. If in 3 months, issuing a newspaper, shares, applying to the Supreme Court of Justice etc., the quantity of Cherneys antagonists will raise .... this is the objective proof of our work.
I will meet with prof. Katz pay him...


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