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Scandal THURSDAY, 13 March 2008

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The Party in power Kadima against neo-Nazis and oligarchs  

Yesterday on the official site of the Israeli Party in power Kadima the material appeared about the meeting between the Minister of Interior Affairs Meir Shitrit and one hundred and fifty Russian-speaking activists, in the article which was published on the site they say: "The repatriates were interested in issues related to the struggle against neo-Nazis among the immigrants from CIS who were arrested recently, within the context of their extradition and they also asked about the procedure of depriving an oligarch Michael Cherny of his citizenship.


The site of the Israeli Party Kadima quotes the answers of Minister Shitrit to the Party activists questions. He touched in details the issue of municipal elections' preparation, and then stated his views on the problems of the citizenship: "Before granting someone an Israeli citizenship it would be proper to introduce for the repatriates the sort of an examination they have in the USA. We also must do everything to prevent the arrival of the criminal elements and neo-Nazis to Israel and also all those who give us false facts whilst obtaining the citizenship."


It is known that not long ago a group of neo-Nazis, emigrants from CIS, was detected m Israel. The Minister had in mind such groups and the ones similar to them when he spoke about the issue of their possible being deprived of the citizenship. As to the criminal elements and those who report false facts the Minister had in mind the oligarch Michael Cherny, whose matter of being deprived of the citizenship is decided in these days.


The participants approved the Ministers position.


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