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Scandal THURSDAY, 13 March 2008

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02.05.07   23:15         Eskin to Povestka


Good evening,


Today in the evening (20:30) in Asya's Istoshina (TV journalist, RTVi channel) "Face to face" program A. Liberman appeared.


We have found beforehand about his appearance. We conducted work with Asya . In consequence of our efforts she submitted material including a mention of M.C. (Michael Cherney), based on the article in the "Ha'aretz" newspaper. She mentioned a sum of 500,000 USD received from Cherney.


Liberman was in knockout. He hasn't found nothing better than to say answering that he cannot respond her answers as there is an investigation concerning it.. Asya put a pressure on him more and more. He repeated the same.


A strong punch on M.C, because the connection with him becomes a burden for Liberman. Asya is ready to work with us. Eterman was superb.


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