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Scandal THURSDAY, 13 March 2008

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20.06.07    19:19      Eskin to Povestka


1.        The Constantine Borovoi's book (Cherney's biography) shall come out. The book is
ready. Information concerning the Press release hasn'been confirm.


2.   The information has been received concerning a prominent English journalist who
"digging" under the Interior Affairs Dept. Rafi will inform about the details later.


3.        An article in "Yediot Akhronot" will come out as it was planned. This is the most
popular edition (Friday's supplement). Although they never let to see the text beforehand,
Andrei's words will be given to us for the examination in advance..


Rafi reported that the sum of reimbursement must be 25,000.


It is important to stress that the radio station "Galei Tzahal" (the most popular) broadcasted five times in its news about the posters, and at 23:00 came out with the whole report.


The news hasn't got into the newspaper because we cannot send it there before it comes out on the 2nd channel which more important than everything else. We had to exclusive th the second channel.


To enhance the mood I report that yesterday the "Vesti" (Russian-language) newspaper (in Israel) published the news about the court procedures in London which was done by our order (the editor has been bought). The tone and the text - is another blow on Cherney. And just now the Kremlin guys put forward the material in which they accused Cherney among other things in supporting "Another Russia" (political Party in RF opposing Putin).


Now I am going for a Shabbat rest, in order to hit with refreshed strength in the next week!


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