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Scandal THURSDAY, 13 March 2008

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21.06.07 15:35 Eskin to Povestka
Good day,
I. Today I had a meeting with another candidate to put his sign on the letter to the Minister of Interior Affairs. He wants 10,000.- for his signature and his readiness to appear in Media.
I said that I'll think. I am waiting for your instructions. The plan for a letter is as following:
It should be sent to the Minister immediately after a big publication in "Yediot Akhronot"
(newspaper). We'll try to ensure (bring) Press.
The answer from the Ministry will arrive soon. Most likely it will not satisfy us and we will apply to the Supreme Court of Justice..
The one who signs the letter and the plaintiff- it is absolutely unnecessary that it will be the same person.
After submitting the letter we intend to make inquiries in the Knesset and to add prominent figures. As far as possible in the atmosphere of fear.
2. Jack Rabinovich is a personal friend of Sam Berkovich who is a friend of mine and who starts together with Holder from July 1st the work on England.
Berkovich grew up in the same community with Rabinovich's wife. He dealt with Jack and has a very high opinion of him.
Holder also is acquainted with Rabinovich.
This is a unique possibility to get influence on MChS (Michael Cherney). The difficulty is that Jack doesn't want to work with Cherney and considers his affair to be bad for the prestige of his office.
In any case he is loyal towards Bercovich and Holder as to his friends and colleges. Cherney for him is a stranger and unpleasant person.


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