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Scandal THURSDAY, 13 March 2008

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Hello Vitiok<


Here is some information to think about:
1.1 have spoken today with Boris Giterman - the Shitrit's guy who organizes him a Party reception in Ashdod (at the same time he made him an interview in "Makor Rishon) (he) explained that Shitrit was 'ordered" by Cherney - the examples are the article in "Yediot Akhronot", yesterday's telephone call of the journalist Alex Prilutzkii whom I send to him, an attack on radio REKA.

2. After about 20 minutes they called me from the Shitrit's office. The Minister's
 assistant Haim Segal told me that Shitrit did not yet went into the issue and does not
understand why there is such hullabaloo about it. They don't understand this.

3. Khana'an Shline (who unformed about decision of Inbar committee) states that in the
 near future Shitrit will not set about this issue. "What ever one decides there will be
problems anyway".

Considering the above mentioned it is worthwhile to analyze the strategy of "carrots and sticks" for the Minister's office.


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