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Scandal THURSDAY, 13 March 2008

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Mail 4

Good day,
1. About the colleagues coming.
They are bringing a considerable report. Requesting to settle up accounts for the work done (20 conditional units - in today's Russian means the agreed foreign currency units: USD or Euros.)
It is very important to get the maximum from the police officer. He is tongue-tied. You have to ask questions skilfully and professionally.
They will give an offer concerning England. My advice is to talk about it in details, but without giving a final answer. It is worthwhile to make a comparative research of the possibilities and prices.
Concerning their work in Israel - it is worthwhile to hear and to decide later.
2. There was another meeting with Roman Bronfman (former MK.) He has got additional materials and handed it over to the Media. Today the Media are busy with other matters but in a couple of days it will become easier. Bronfman is making arrangements to meet with the organization called  "For the Power Purity. It might cost moe expensive than a regular defender of human rights but the effect will be much more.
MK Nudelman got scared after the publication in Haaretz. I don't know whether they threatened him or what... But he will continue to work with us.
I met in Tel-Aviv a former MK Michael Kline. He is a close friend of David Appel who has a trial procedure going against M.C. He is interested in our activity. We will help.
Soon (he) will give an answer concerning Appel and other forms of cooperation.     

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