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Scandal THURSDAY, 13 March 2008

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Rafi (Rafael) Pridan was born in Tel-Aviv. After graduating from school he served in the special forces of the legendary Golan brigade. He took part in the Lebanese War in 1982. In the same year he was released in the rank of captain and after that he served two years in Shabak (Shin-Bet), an Israeli analogue to FSB. Since 1984 he served in the Israeli Police department of surveillance, penetration into the premises and information gathering.
Starting from 1988 Pridan is involved in private detective practice. He worked in many countries by the orders of private clients, companies an governments. So, it is known that in the beginning of 1990s Pridan worked with the President of Peru, Fijimoro and assisted him to fight the terrorist activities of the underground organization called "Shining Path". There were reports that there is a surveillance going after a number of MPs and their offices and phones were bugged. It is known from the Press that in 1994 Pridan was arrested in Israel because of the suspicion of unauthorized bugging. According to the published facts, under his authority more bugging was conducted than under the authority of the Israeli police. More than that - Pridan then had at his disposal the technical means that the Israeli police hadn't, as, for example, the technology for cellular phones bugging. Among other things he was accused of setting bugs in the "Yediot Akhronot" newspaper office.
Unfortunately the specific features of the profession do not allow to tell in details about his work with different clients. The specific features of the profession precisely are that the name of a client would never be mentioned.
Today in Israel Pridan works with a well-known detective agency "Mor Investigations". He carries out operations in many countries. It is about all known methods of information gathering - from cellular phones bugging to wiretapping offices and private houses. Pridan also uses his connections with private persons holding the posts of interest for obtaining classified information, e.g. bank accounts transactions, etc. In the last seven years he has been working out of Israel mostly.
He has at his disposal the information about the characters we are interested in, such as M.C. and Boris Berezovski. He proposes a number of actions for receiving the information regarding the subjects we are interested in.

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