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Scandal THURSDAY, 13 March 2008

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13.05.07 14:33 from to topic: Plan (to see the result of this plan please go to page A-5)
Step by step campaign
First stage (May -June): The way a problem is stated in Israeli public opinion.
The key message: Liberman is working on Russian mafia, i.e. on Cherney.
1.a poster; Liberman is a poodle of Russian mafia.
2.Media stir concerning the poster.
3.The search; "where are the legs (roots) of this poster are from.
4.The development of the topic (defending Liberman) that will nail the message
("Liberman is working on Russian mafia") into the consciousness.
5.Issuing the second poster in Russian: Black financing (play on words: "black" in
Russian means "cherney").
6.Analysis of the topic "everything based on open sources" (meaning using years ago
unmasked libel media publications).
7.Establishing a site on Russian and Hebrew with the detailed materials on this topic.
Second stage (July - August): Developing the topic: Israel as the arena of Russian mafia's struggle.
The key message: "They (Russian mafia) want to buy Israel as one buys a trinket".
1.Using Libermans "Cyprus affair" for our ends.
2.An interview with Radishevsky.
3.Public discussion: "What do they want Israel for? What do they want to get in
exchange for their "black (play on words: "black" in Russian is "cherney") money".
4.Set quarrel among Cherney's staff with the purpose to splash out this inner conflicts to
the Press, together with the publishing of who worked for whom, how it was financed
5.Publications concerning the mergence of criminal circles and mafia with the plans of
Cherney and others to use Israel as bridge-head, (this kind of publications may be
invented based only on sick imaginations).
6.The Liberman's resignation from the Ministers's post demand.
Third stage (September -October): Coming to the conclusions.
The key message: "We will not permit to turn Israel into a criminal state!".
Statements of the lawyers, defenders of human rights, and public figures.
Liberman's resignation.
3.The beginning of the legal proceedings concerning Cherney's deprivation of citizenship.
4. The final "moving rails" (Russian slang: means: moving attention to a chosen aim)
from Cherney to Liberman.




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