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Scandal THURSDAY, 13 March 2008

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Mail 8

Since today we have Shavuot holiday. No one is working there. This slows somewhat all the processes.
None the less Today Eidelman visited the Cherney's Fund where his friend is working. As it turned out the Fund Itself is  not registered anywhere. Only the account exists.
The search was made as it was reported. The papers were taken, all the information from the computers was taken. The search was serious.
Liberman's name was mentioned.
There are Radishevsky and two secretaries working in the Fund. After the elections the keep quiet. Keeping themselves busy helping students and publishing.
Cherney called up Radishgevsky concerning the posters. The last has put up a delirious idea that it is Jerusalem municipality which is behind posters. They were even planning to go to court...
radishevsky is in perturbation. He is saying to everyione that Cherney may leave Israel. That he is fed up with all this mishaps.

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