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Scandal THURSDAY, 13 March 2008

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Mail 9

How can the report on these characters cost more than on the main character?$ 20,000 - for 4 persons - this is the price.  I such an impertinent squeezing of money will continue I will owrk with other people.
Good day
You asked for the information on 4 characters connected with MChS.
Ourcolleagues suggest to do the following work
They will submit for every report:
Personal data
Real estate
Car's existence
Companies and Shares
Bank's branches they are working with
Civil cases in court
The cases of seizure of property (enforcements)
Criminal records
Arrivals to aand departures from Israel
Pension deposits
The detailed report from the intelligence sources, like the first report on MChS.
The cost for each one - 25,000 - Time of delivery - 2 weeks.
The colleaguesrecommend to do a billing (?) on the main associates of MChS.
At the nearest future the billing (?) from Bulgaria is expected.
At the nearest future they also will give an answer whether it is possible to check beforehand which of the telephones in the office is the most interesting one.

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