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Opinion THURSDAY, 13 March 2008

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Michael Cherney Expands Charity Donations in Israel

By Israel News Agency Staff

 Cherney (Mikhail Chernoy), a prominent Israeli businessman, spends most of his time concentrating on charity and humanitarian projects that fight terrorism and reinforce the Zionist character of the state of Israel.
 Cherney's humanitarian charity foundation in Israel, established after the June 1, 2001 terrorist bombing outside the Dolphinarium Disco in Tel Aviv, provides assistance mostly to the new arrivals, Olim to Israel, victims of catastrophes and acts of terrorism that continue to bleed Israel, as well as to various NGOs promoting Zionism.
 The Michael Cherney Foundation established generous grants for students from the former Soviet Union in all major Israel universities. Recently the Web-site of The Cherney Fund listed the following projects in Israel that it has sponsored in the last few months.
 Ziv Neurim is an Israel non-profit organization, founded by former Israel Navy Commandos in 2000, in honor of Ziv Levy, an IDF commando who fell in the line of duty. Its aim is to prevent youth (aged 12-15) at risk to experience success rather than failure through participating in challenging marine activities. Today the organization works with 19 groups with the aim to operate 25 such groups across Israel by the end of the year. The Michael Cherney (Mikhail Chernoy) Foundation provided assistance in operating one of the groups consisting of 15 (mainly immigrants from the Former Soviet Union) youths from Natanya.
 The 'Israel Academia Monitor' Website tracks professors' and researchers' publications and opinions on Israel. The goal is to warn students and potential donors of the anti-Zionist propaganda waged by some professors at Israel universities. MCF (Michael Cherney Fund) sees itself as an important partner with this organization in helping the effort to fight anti-Israel rhetoric on campuses.
 Im Tirtzu is a grassroots organization, founded by university students after the Second Lebanon War. It is dedicated to strengthening Israel society by renewing the fundamental Zionist values of Israel as a vibrant Jewish and democratic state and by working to ensure that the voices of pro-Israel students are heard in Israel and in general media. Michael Cherney (Mikhail Chernoy) sees it as a very important project to support, gladly allocating funds for further activities.
 In 2008 the Ha'sadna School of Music in Jerusalem, Israel will celebrate its 25th anniversary, which in itself is a success of a vision that every child, regardless of their economic environment or ethnic background or religion deserves a chance to study music and dance. Another endowment fund in Israel from the Michael Cherney Foundation provided grants for over 450 children (ages 3-18) to continue their studies at this leading Jerusalem educational facility. Headed by Rabbi Firer (Israel's Man of the Year-2003), ELM was founded 25 years ago with the goal to bring medical assistance in Israel to everyone, free of charge. ELM now has over 20 emergency ambulances, $4 million worth of medical equipment available for landing, computerized files of potential blood donors, first aid courses for volunteers, counseling and referral to medical specialists. The donations made by the Michael Cherney Foundation will help ELM in expanding their humanitarian efforts and raising the standard of health for many in Israel. Following his repatriation to Israel, Michael Cherney maintains business interests in Russia and post-Soviet states, while developing new business contacts between Russia, Europe, Israel, and the US.
 In Israel, Michael Cherney spends much effort on charity and humanitarian projects that reinforce cooperation between Israel and Russia in fighting terrorism. Michael Cherney established a Website for his Foundation on June 1, 2001, the night of the terrorist bombing outside the Dolphinarium Disco in Tel Aviv. When Michael Cherney learned the number of victims - 21 dead and over 150 wounded - he realized that rendering assistance required a systematic organized effort.
 Prior to 2001, Cherney (Chernoy) was engaged in philanthropy work in Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia, Bulgaria, the US - wherever he was active in business. He made valuable contributions into Jewish philanthropy in Russia. Following the Dolphinarium terrorist tragedy, the Cherney Fund became the helping hand for all its victims. In a misfortune like this, emigrees from the former Soviet countries are even worse off than those born in Israel: they don't have a support system or savings. Shortly after the Dolphinarium attack, the Foundation published a book called Dolphinarium: Terror Targets the Young. The Michael Cherney Foundation has established grants for students from the former Soviet Union in all major Israel universities with an annual endowment of 1 million shekels. Mr. Cherney and his family live in a suburb of Tel Aviv, Israel.

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