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Scandal THURSDAY, 13 March 2008

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Plot against Chernoy Precipitates Purge in Kadima

Deripaska's acolytes recruited Russian and Israeli public figures for the smear campaign against the businessman

An oligarch is akin to an octopus who is prepared to spread all his tentacles not to lose a 5-billion dollar catch. The Kremlin's pet boy Oleg Deripaska spares neither money nor efforts to achieve his goal. His well-structured organization of generously paid "hirelings" had been given orders to discredit Michael Chernoy at all costs. However, the plot cracked after the arrest of private eyes Rafi Pridan and Aviv Mor, who were caught wiretapping on Chernoy.
The Standart launched a large-scale journalistic enquiry that revealed and described in detail the conspiracy hatched by Deripaska, whose people have been trying to bribe into the plot politicians and journalists for over half a year. The aim was a black PR campaign against Chernoy. Two people are pulling the strings in this puppet show - Alexey Drobashenko and Pyotr Sergeev. The first one is a crony of Deripaska. The two of them have been working hand in hand for years holding different posts in Sibirski Aluminii and Bazov Element. Currently, Drobashenko is the director general of the Eurasian Group.
As far as the second figure is concerned, all we know is that he is employed in one of the special services of Russia. The man who executes their orders is Avigdor Eskin. 
The objective is to expatriate Chernoy from Israel and deprive him of the right to enter England. The reason is the lawsuit Chernoy brought against the oligarch in London. The suit is about the share of Chernoy in the aluminum giant RusAl, which Deripaska had usurped and refused to pay. Currently, the 20-percent share is estimated at over five billion USD.
The noose around the necks of the Deriapaska's hirelings contracted to smear Chernoy has tightened. After the arrest of Avigdor Eskin and private detectives, Rafi Pridan and Aviv Mor, who were wiretapping Chernoy illegally, one more administration official of the ruling Kadima party was kicked out. His name is David Edelman. MIGnews agency broke the news. Edelman was fired after The Standart brought to light correspondence between the plotters. In the e-mails to Eskin, Edelman proposes a three-stage plan for defaming Chernoy and Vice PM of Israel Avigdor Lieberman. "Our task is to involve MC (Mikhail Chernoy, ed.'s note) in some dirty business," Eskin explains in a letter to Drobashenko. It was July 11, 2007. The same letter explains that the task about smearing Chernoy was 100% completed. "Today the leading news portal NFC published the information that Lieberman's lawyer was questioned. The papers in question were discovered by the MP Nudelman and submitted to the case via Edelman and Eterman. The main thing is mentioning MC in line with the case. The article mentions him a several times in line with the transfer of half a million for Lieberman and other machinations," Eskin delighted. The think-tank of the campaign against Chernoy aims two things. Firstly, to make the politicians and society in Israel believe that the businessman is dangerous for the country. The easiest way to do so is to link him with the Russian mafia. Secondly, to create a huge black aura of a "big corruption factor" around the businessman. Both motifs are extremely sensitive for Israel as it leads a fierce battle both against corruption and the mafia immigration. From the letters of the plotters who work directly for Oleg Deripaska, it emerges that they are head over heels in machinations. They are sure their emails cannot be cracked, they even dare mention the exact sums they use or intend to for bribing politicians, journalists and public figures in Israel. Their mafia methods, though, led to the arrests of Eskin and his detectives. In their dirty dealings the plotters tried to involve, successfully or not, their acquaintances from Russia, linked in different ways with Jewish movements.
"We have a candidate to sign the letter (against Chernoy, ed.'s note) and for the role of a human rights activist. This is Max Feizen," Eskin reported to Drobashenko. Like most people attracted to cooperate in the smearing campaign, he provides short bio notes : "He (Feizen) is a doctor by education. Since the beginning of the 1980s he has been actively participating in Jewish and human rights movement in Leningrad. In the beginning of the 1990s he left for Israel but soon returned to St Petersburg where he became one of the leaders of the Jewish community. He is one of the first who started providing Internet services. Now he spends a lot of time in Israel." Eskin contacts via mail a lot of unusual persons, one of whom is an Andrey Lenski. In Eskin's words, he has several minuses - he is neither suitable for BAGATS "due to his extreme views", nor good enough to communicate with the press; besides, he wants too much. But, on the other hand, he is capable enough to be the pioneer, who would beat a path for the others. And again, in his letter, Eskin makes a demonstration of how exactly a journalist can be bought. "I'd like to emphasize that in Israel the practice of showing the article before its has been released, does not exist. Be it an interview. The readiness to show the interview - this is out of question when a bonus has been negotiated." Eskin even dictates to Andrey what he is supposed to say in the interview. "He must say that he has heard from Borovik that Chernoy's money has been paid for broadcasts such as ads for Liberman." However, he himself is a serious factor for corruption in Israel. To provide his services, Lenski is by no means ashamed to ask Eskin pay. "My current financial situation (I am short of money because of my father-in-law's death and the consequent expenses of 10 000 shekels) forces me to ask for big bonuses - 1 500 dollars for scrawling my signature on the lawyers' inquiry, 1 500 monthly for my work on the Poodle-website plus and all my other activities related to this project." The accomplices are afraid of a possible flop, and there could be only one - their dirty plans to be exposed to the public (which was what actually happened). This could lead to only two outcomes. The first - to disclose the author, Oleg Deripaska and then to turn out that he has been paying for the campaign against Chernoy in vain. The second - to be placed under inquiry and to be thrown behind bars for their illegal actions in Israel. The accomplices are constantly warning each other not to speak about "such things"(whatever they are writing in their emails) in telephone conversations. A person called M. writes to Eskin: "This email must not be cited. It must be deleted after read." It must have been, but Eskin did not. And it is an interesting email, indeed. It contains two pages minutely describing the campaign against Chernoy as well as pieces of advice how to mar the businessman's image better. Apart from the campaign in the mass media there is a warning reading: "You are playing games with the Jewish press, and I have already suffered at its hands once in 1997. It digs deep, and does not enjoy being taken for a fool. Everything must be carefully prepared. There is no room for flops. Because a flop is far worse that a badly-tailored campaign."


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