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Scandal THURSDAY, 13 March 2008

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The Plot against Chernoy

A friend of Oleg Deripaska and an officer of the Russian special services pull the strings in the black PR campaign against Chernoy

Do you know how to organize an international smear campaign against a business competitor? Well, Mr. Deripaska certainly knows the answer to this question. The scandalous Russian businessman spares no expenses on the campaign against businessman Michael Chernoy. The Kremlin's favorite is just eager to mar Chernoy's reputation and have him expelled from Israel, because of a lawsuit launched by Chernoy against him in London. Deripaska is charged with usurpation of Chernoy's share in the RusAl Company, which he refuses to pay. Now, the twenty-percent stake in RusAl is worth over five billion US dollars.
The campaign against Michael Chernoy and Israeli Vice PM Avigdor Lieberman is masterminded by a well-structured organization, headed by Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. Deripaska's closest associates are Alexey Drobashenko - a close, long-time friend of his. He occupied different positions in the companies Sibirski Aluminii and Bazov Element, currently he is CEO of Evraziyska Grupa. Another one is a shadow figure Pyotr Sergeev, who is said to work for Russian special services.
The person who conducts the campaign against Chernoy and reports to the abovementioned persons is Avigdor Eskin.
Currently he lives in Moscow and is known for his chauvinist views. Some time ago he served a sentence in Israel for a terror act attempt. He is a radical, right-to-center activist. He is suspected of being a provocateur whose aim is to ruin the reputation of the right-to-center politicians. Rumors connect his name with the Russian special services. Eskin has strong connections in Israel, mainly among the Russian community, comprising more than one million people. His name is connected with the black PR campaign involving also Mark Bibichkov. Bibichkov was born in Samarkand in 1968. He has been living in Israel since 1991. He majored in Journalism and Philosophy in the Jerusalem University. Bibichkov is an active figure on the political scene. In 1993, he started work at the Knesset as an assistant of Efraim Gur. Two years later, he became the press officer of the Shcharansky's party (B'Aliyah). In 1997 he took the post of Ehud Barak's press attache and played the key role in his victory two years later. For six years Mark Bibichkov worked as an advisor to the Minister of Defence. He has worked with Shimon Perez, as well. His connections in the government circles help the plotters a lot in their campaign against businessman Michael Chernoy. Ilya Rosenfeld also takes active part in it. He graduated from the Tel Aviv University where he studied political science. Since 1997 he has committed himself to public activities. In his capacity of advisor and press officer of the Russian community, he is an activist of Kadima - Israel's ruling party. He owns a website aimed at discrediting Michael Chernoy and Vice-PM Lieberman. Rosenfeld has broad experience in the work with government and political structures.
He works in close cooperation with David Edelman, a journalist and an activist of Kadima. Rosenfeld has direct access to cabinet members and key public figures that are targeted as influential persons who must be set up against Chernoy and Lieberman.
The plot, however, needs more 'operative' tools. Experienced private eyes Rafi Pridan and Aviv Mor suit the purpose perfectly. Both are ex-agents of the Israeli special services. Pridan was born in Tel-Aviv and served in the army task forces. For two years he worked for Shabak, the Israeli counterintelligence. He also worked for the police surveillance department in charge of information gathering. He has been working as a private eye since 1988. In 1994, Pridan was arrested on charges of illegal wiretapping. At that time he was shadowing and tapping more people than the entire Israeli police. He is also known for carrying out operations in many countries across the world. Ten days ago, Pridan, Mor and Eskin were arrested for illegal wiretapping of Chernoy and Lieberman.
In May, the plotters hatched a plan aimed at discrediting the businessman and the Vice Premier. The objective is to expatriate Chernoy from Israel and ruin the political career of Lieberman once and for all. In the letters that the conspirers exchange they trade information about protest rallies, agitation posters, commissioned press publications and creation of websites.
Certainly, apart from "raising public awareness" it is very important to win over for the cause the influential politicians and public figures whose opinion carries weight in Israel.
As The Standart has already written, the campaigners have drawn in journalists, mostly writers of the Haaretz. The services rendered are paid in cash. The sums vary from 3 to 5 thousand USD.
PR-war specialists decide that Google has to be drawn in as well. All of them are aware of the fact that whenever you Google a particular name, you would look it up in no more than the first ten websites that appear. And they make an agreement - to be extremely negative about Chernoy. Big money is spent on the war; the stake is high. "Andrew started working. If you open the Google and type "Aluminium Wars", click on the fourth article on the list. If you type "the Aluminim Wars of Deripaska" he is number two. He will soon be able to improve the situation and will take down all the positive articles on Chernoy from the first ten websites. Could we approve a budget for this?" writes to Eskin one of the accomplices in the plot against Michael Chernoy - Sam Berkovitz. Ilya Rosenfeld again advises David Edelman that special columns be created in the newspapers, similar to those on the websites. They could, for example, contain articles about other politicians, oligarchs and their "relationships" with corruption and most of all - discrediting information about Chernoy himself. The Internet has much greater influence than the "purchased protests" against the businessman. People are not stupid and they do understand that whenever five or six people holding placards are in the street yelling against someone, somebody must have paid them to do it; so it happened this spring when the "activists" were carrying placards featuring the Israeli Vice Premier as Chernoy's poodle. The impact of this particular campaign is nevertheless insignificant, therefore other sorts of resources have to come into play, namely the press, the TV channels and most of all - the worldwide web.

Team of The Standart

25.09.07 13:53 Eskin to Povestka

Berkovich and Holder are in contact with Jack Robinovich. They supply a lot of very important strategic information. The contact with Frank Newman is also very important. I advice to maintain this work's directions.

2. We are in contact with Tony Blair's office. This is for real.

The Blair's man who is in contact with us is lawyer Paul Smith. He has to give us his apprisal of the situation after the conversations with the Minister of Immigration and MPs. This is an important point. We are awaiting from them an offer concerning the work on MCh's entrance to the country.

3. The football theme was damaged as the club was purchased very quickly. We can reanimate (this) through Usmanov. We still haven't the information on this from Rafi.

4. There is an offer from an expert and a fanatic of Internet in English. He offers to establish a site and also to penetrate in any information in favor of OVD (Interior Affairs Department) and against Cherney. He also offers to work in the net in such a manner that when searching on current topics the negative on MChs will come to the surface immediately. This is important. The journalists are checking through the i-net the information. They read usually the first references. I include his offers in general lines. And also in the next letter a brief report about his first steps.



I think in October we have to speed up everything.
1. To prepare and to submit to the Supreme Court of Justice.
2. To issue a newspaper of 10.000 copies and to distribute.
3. Try to activate two Parliament Members in England who gave a preliminary OK to Berkovich and at the same time to cut down (to reduce) "one time" on a half.
4. Posters.

We will further discuss the details.
If you agree to these terms, please, prepare a 70-page brochure.


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