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Deripaska's men tried to win over even Israeli Home Affairs Minister for their campaign

Top Journalists Recruited for the Campaign against Chernoy

Eskin&Co paid thousands of US dollars for arranged interviews

"Can we promise five thousand (US dollars, ed. note) for an interview with Bibichkov?"
"There is a chance that Minister Shitrit is interviewed to ask him the right questions. They want five thousand. Should I agree?"
"The guy wants three thousand dollars for the favour with the publications," these are only some excerpts from the "negotiations" of Avigdor Eskin and the conspirers from the close circle of scandalous Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. The Kremlin's pet spares no means for the financing of one of the most powerful smearing campaigns in Europe, Israel and Russia, aimed at discrediting businessman Michael Chernoy and Israeli Deputy PM and Strategic Affairs Minister Avigdor Lieberman.
According to the e-mail correspondence of Mr. Eskin, journalists have been bought on bulk, and some pens-for-hire have even offered their services to the plotters voluntarily.
Other journalists need to be instructed a little bit. The objective was that politician Lieberman be attacked to make him give up his friendship with Michael Chernoy and leave him to withstand all alone the unscrupulous battle against him. The Haaretz starts off the slander campaign against Chernoy. In
April 2007, the newspaper published an article maintaining that Lieberman received half a million dollars from the businessman. Right after the publication, Knesset member Michael Noodleman, who is in close touch with the plotters, passes it over to the police. "Terrific victory! A very powerful blow!"
Eskin comments triumphantly in a letter to Drobashenko. In August, Pyotr Sergeev, who is reportedly connected with the Russian special services, asks him for a permission to help Haaretz'writer Lili Galili make a material against Chernoy based on the information provided by the plotters. The aim is to convince the public opinion and the government of Israel that the businessman openly supports the fight against the police. An eventual success would have greatly facilitated the realization of the ultimate plan - expulsion of Chernoy from Israel. Of course, the writer's palm is to be generously greased.
Meanwhile, Detective Rafi offers that an article about the businessman's fund, which allegedly is unregistered, appear in the Sunday Express. Eskin, however, has a preference for more reputed editions, such as the Financial Times, or the Daily Telegraph, or The Independent. The journalists represent a very important unit of Chernoy's personal war against Deripaska. He knows best - politicians should also be included. And his men do it - sometimes with ease, sometimes after satisfying certain demands and, of course, with money. Once again, the most active cooperation is between Eskin and Drobashenko.
"Bronfman is negotiating a potential meeting with the Organization for Clean Power. This may turn out costlier than hiring a rank-and-file lawyer, but would achieve a more profound effect. Noodleman got scared after the publication in the Haaretz. "I don't know if he had received any threats or anything...But he will continue working with us. I met in Tel Aviv with Michail Kleiner, the former MP. He is very close to David Appel, the person who is currently settling certain scores with Michael Chernoy in court. He will help."
Mark Bibichkov is yet another active aide of Eskin's. He has lived in Israel since 1991, where he majored in journalism and philosophy. He's been dealing with politics actively since 1993. In 1997 he was appointed Press Secretary for Ehud Barak. Later on he went on to become an adviser to the Defence Minister; he also worked with Shimon Perez. He has a good reputation; he has been always prepared for statements in front of the press and willing to lobby. He writes a several-page long letter to Eskin, in which he offers his services, but explains he would not always be able to act openly. There is also a business proposal - he wants to meet the Press Secretary of Likud and, if at the meeting they both decide so, to throw into the battle against Michael Chernoy and Lieberman MPs under their command as well.
"Ran Cohen alone is not enough," Mark Bibickov insists. In a second letter he openly asks that his expenses must be covered.
"I would like to ask you for something - my expenses this month have exceeded 900 shekels (I keep the bills). I'm facing financial difficulties and will be grateful if you help me," he writes to Eskin.
He offers his assistance for an attack in the media. In the meantime, David Edelman consults with Eskin about the ways of application of the "stick and carrot" strategy to the Ministry of Interior. IM Meir Shitrit is not mislead by the plotters' game neither does he believe their suggestions that Chernoy commissions articles against him.
A new plotter joins them in August - Sam Berkovitz. He proposes a plan which is worth $100,000. "If we succeed in receiving no matter how insignificant a decision of the Russian court against Chernoy, for $100,000, for example, we could use it to ban him from leaving the country," Berkovitz offers.
The plotters' ultimate aim is Chernoy's expatriation. In a letter addressed to Pyotr Sergeev, Eskin asks what they could promise to IM Shitrit in exchange for stripping Chernoy of citizenship.
"An invitation by the Russian Ministry of Interior? Interview for the Russian TV, meeting with Russian MPs. What else?"
They were wrong in their plans.
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