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Bulgaria TUESDAY, 24 February 2009

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President Parvanov to Present Golden Rython to Mayor of Rome

Bulgaria's President and Italy's PM Silvio Berlusconi to have private talks on the problems of the global crisis

President Georgi Parvanov will take on his trip to Italy a personal gift for the mayor of Rome.
On Wednesday Bulgaria's Head of State and his wife Zorka Parvanova will leave for a two-day official visit to Italy at the invitation of Italy's President Giorgio Napolitano.
During his visit to Rome President Parvanov will have talks with the mayor of Rome Gianni Alemano. At the meeting Bulgaria's Head of State will sign in the Golden Book of the city of Rome. Later, he will present a personal gift to the mayor. Georgi Parvanov has chosen a golden replica of the rython from the Thracian golden treasure.
Bulgaria's President will be officially received by his counterpart Giorgio Napolitano in the Quirinale Palace. The two of them will have a private talk. In the evening Georgi Parvanov and his wife will attend an official dinner offered by President Napolitano and his wife.
On Thursday Parvanov will have a private talk with Italy's PM Silvio Berlusconi. The meeting will take part in Berlusconi's office. Later the two of them will have a working lunch at which they will discuss the measures needed for overcoming the financial crisis.
In the evening presidents Parvanov and Napolitano accompanied by their wives will attend a concert of Bulgarian opera prima Rayna Kabaivanska in Sala Marco Aurelio in the Capitolini Museums.


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