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Index WEDNESDAY, 1 July 2009

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Archaeologists Discover Second Perperikon

A cave near the Danube hides Thracian tombs and four-meter-tall human statues

Bulgarian speleologists have discovered a second Thracian sanctuary that may outshine the one at Perperikon, Mr. Evgeni Koev, chairman of the Dervent Speleology Club, broke the news.
"We have discovered a cave with four-meter-tall human statues and tombs inside. The whole complex is very well preserved and has a diameter of several kilometers. The site is close to the Danube, but its exact location is kept secret to prevent raids by black Archaeologists.
"I am ready to go and inspect the site immediately, although the comparison with the ancient Thracian sanctuary near Kurdzhali town has become very popular recently," Prof. Nikolai Ovcharov told the Standart.
"If what these speleologists say is true, Bulgaria may have another cultural monument of global significance," the professor stated.


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