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Arts&Culture THURSDAY, 2 July 2009

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Noah's Plate Is Kept Locked in a Safe

Israel offers $60,000 for the unique find

Noah's plate is kept in a safe. The unique find which dates back to the time of the Deluge in the Black Sea will be kept locked in Varna while the item is recognized as an archaeological artifact, Prof. Petko Dimitrov, the discoverer of the plate, told the Standart.
The treasure was found in 1985 during an exploration expedition of the ancient Black Sea coasts.
Noah's plate is made of sandstone and not of clay; it is 40 cm in diameter and has a special stand at its bottom.
The ancient script on it hasn't been deciphered for the find hasn't yet been proclaimed to have any archaeological value.
"I can't say why - whether due to professional envy or as a result of ignorance, but the plate isn't recognized as precious artifact yet. This is the reason why it can't become part of any museum exhibition and remains private property. Collectors bid for it: Israeli connoisseurs have offered $60,000 for it. I won't give it, it should remain in Bulgaria, Prof. Dimitrov says.
Dobromir Radushev

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