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Arts&Culture SATURDAY, 13 February 2010

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Perperikon Reveals Its Epigraphic Mysteries

This early Christian tomb dating back to IV century has preserved the colours of its unique frescos
PHOTO: Victor Levi
The first epigraphic monuments in Perperikon were discovered. They are dated back to the second half of 3rd century AD. All of them are in Latin, according to Prof Vassilka Gerassimova, one of Bulgaria’s outstanding experts in ancient monuments. The archeological team of Prof Nikolay Ovcharov ran across the written monuments during the excavation works in Perperikon near the Roman road which was discovered last summer and branching towards the Rock Town. “Thus the Roman necropolis of Perperikon has been localized and will be studied,” Ovcharov said. “Thanks to the decoded epigraphs, we now have the names of people who lived in Perperikon,” he added.
The first epigraph contains the name Amonius which originates from Egypt. “It is the first time the name is discovered on the Bulgarian territory. Perhaps the person was named after the Egyptian deity Amon Ra,” Prof Ovcharov wonders. He believes this is a proof the cult to the Egyptian deities was popular in the region and that migrants from Egypt, Syria and Libya lived in Perperikon.
Irina Angelova


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