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Spider-Man Takes down Wounded from Roof

A robot takes an explosive out of the boot of a terrorists' car

Spiderman Ivan Kristoff amazed the spectators with his excellent skills
Photo Georgi Nikolov
Rescuers, firemen and task force officers performed a thrilling action which took place in Inter Expo Center in Sofia. The fifth successive security forum was dedicated to the challenges that south-eastern Europe recently faces. Draughts, wildfires and floods are the impending global threats.
"This is the reason why all the EU countries should have highly trained and technically equipped teams for protection against the elements," Bulgaria's Minister of Disaster Management Policy, Mrs Emel Etem, said at the opening of the event.
A salutatory address, sent by Bulgaria's President Georgi Parvanov, was read before the reports, which were followed by spectacular demonstrations. In almost no time, gendarmes neutralized kidnappers and saved the hostage who had been taken in their car. A robot, coordinated with the help of a remote control system, took a package of explosive out of the car boot and blasted it at a safe place.
Firemen demonstrated how passengers are to be rescued from a car which had been involved in a heavy accident. After this an anti-mafia squad attacked a gang of terrorists, who occupied a hotel. The tension of the thriller raised when it turned out that there was a wounded man on the roof, the lift was out of order and the building was on fire.
Ivan Christoff, called the Bulgarian Spiderman, made an exciting show by using difficult mountaineering techniques to save the "victim".
Immediately after the end of the demonstrations the guests visited the Protection and Security exposition.

Alexandra Zlatinova
Konstantin Sabchev

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