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Arts&Culture THURSDAY, 2 September 2010

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Thracian Ruler Buried in Perperikon 3000 Years Ago

Archeologist Prof Nikolay Ovcharov standing by the unique rock tomb discovered in Perperikon

Photo: Irina Angelova
A Thracian ruler or priest was buried in the stone town of Perperikon, southeastern Bulgaria. At the final works on excavating Perperikon for this year, the archeological team of Prof Nikolay Ovcharov ran into the burial dating back to 11 or 10th century BC. The ancient ruler was laid in a unique grave placed on top of a carved rock, completely isolated from everything around. Ceramics dating back to the late Bronze or early Iron age have been found near the burial providing archeologists with the opportunity to define that the burial was made in the end of the second or the beginning of the first millennium BC.
The stone burial is oriented on the axis east-west and the face of the buried was placed to face the east, to meet the rising sun, clearly showing the influence of the Thracian cult to the Sun.  
Prof Ovcharov’s team has also discovered coins depicting Alexander the Great dating to 6th century BC, telling of the long history of the place.

Irina Angelova


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