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Red Wine Fights Radiation Better than Iodine

Professors recommend the home-made remedy tested after the Accident in Chernobyl

Have red wine instead of iodine solutions to curb the effects of radiation. This is the advice of Bulgarian scholars as a response to the panic stirred after the explosions in the Japanese nuclear plant of Fukushima. Although the explosions in Japan happened at quite a distance from Bulgaria, thousands of Bulgarians stormed into drug stores to buy iodine supplements. This is dangerous as it could damage the thyroid gland, the Bulgarian Ministry of Health alarmed.
Red wine consumption is by far a more potent barrier to radiation because of its high tannin concentration, Prof Donka Baykova, deputy chair of the Bulgarian Nutrition Association told the Standart. Red wine is a strong antioxidant and protects against foreign agents, the professor explained. Research carried out by British scientists, evidences that Bulgarian wines are especially beneficial in such cases, according to Prof Baykova.
People in Vratsa, northwestern Bulgaria, are masters in banishing the radiation effects by means of red-wine-drinking and consumption of chili peppers. The recipe has been brought from Russian and Ukrainian natives who came to the town after the accident in Chernobyl, 1986. The home-made anti-radiation vaccine has been imported directly from the affected lands.  

Rayna Tosheva
Rumiana Mileva

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