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Bulgaria MONDAY, 4 April 2011

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Bulgarian Doctors Invited to Work Abroad

Young Bulgarian medical professionals crowded at the Career in White labor bourse to learn about the conditions for specializations abroad
Photo: Rumiana Mileva
A Large number of Bulgarian med schools graduates are prepared to work abroad, it transpired after the three-day labor bourse Careers in White. As The Standart wrote yesterday whole groups of newly graduated medics showed serious interest in job offers abroad on Friday and Saturday when the Careers in White was held in Sofia and on Sunday in the city of Plovdiv.
“Our motives are that the foreign clinics offer us much better conditions for professional realization and fascinating for Bulgaria financial opportunities,” young Bulgarian doctors explained. The fight for becoming doctors in the old EU member states is just to start. The reason is that the shortage of certain specialists in the EU - anaestheologists, forensics, surgeons - becomes increasingly evident. The number of candidate doctors in the EU countries decreases due to the difficult education and the huge investments in it. Those doctors who graduate in EU universities depart to the USA due to the bigger remunerations. A big number of British and Irish young doctors leave for the USA and Canada and due to this the clinics in their countries announce vacant places for doctors from Eastern Europe. The situation in Sweden, Norway and Spain is just similar.

Rumiana Mileva


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