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Arts&Culture SATURDAY, 9 July 2011

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Archaeologists Explore the Secrets of Bulgarian Pompei

New expedition will explore the secrets of the Bulgarian Pompei

Photo Ivan Ivanov
Bulgarian-British expedition resumed the excavations in the ancient city of Nikopolis-ad-Istrum near Veliko Tarnovo. This is the best preserved archaeological site in Bulgaria and a specialized Italian publication called it Bulgarian Pompei for its importance.  
This summer archaeologists will be exploring a building dating back to the ruling of Roman emperor Septimus Severus. According to experts, the building was used as temple by the worshippers of goddess Cybele.
So far the archaeologists have found fragments of wall paneling, details of door cases, windows and niches. They are expecting expert results that would enable them to restore the architectural layout of the settlement at the beginning of its history - early 2nd cent. during the reign of Emperor Trajan. Preliminary results show that the classical town was planned according to the orthogonal system. The network of streets, the forum surrounded by an Ionic colonnade and many buildings, a two-nave room later turned into a basilica and other public buildings have been uncovered. The rich architecture and sculptures show a similarity with those of the ancient towns in Asia Minor.

Ivan Ivanov


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