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Arts&Culture SUNDAY, 7 August 2011

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Constantines Palace under Glass Sarcophagus

The construction of Sofias metro has unearthed pieces of the ancient Roman city of Serdika. The latest archeological finds in the area between the Presidents Office and the Council of Ministers date back to almost a thousand years, to the time of Roman Emperor Constantine. However, archeologists are still wondering about the exact location of his palace.
Most of the leading archeologists in the world are inclined to think that his palace actually existed and that its most probable location was in the area of todays St. Nedelya Church. It will hardly be a surprise if it turns out the remains of Constantines palace lie under the parking lot of Sofias Sheraton Hotel Balkan.
Alternatively, it could be buried under the Rila Hotel, just a 100 m away.  
Sofias Chief Architect Petar Dikov says the area under St. Nedelya should be explored carefully, as some most interesting finds could be unearthed there.

Siyana Sevova


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