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Bulgaria TUESDAY, 18 December 2012

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Bulgaria, Greece with Common Decision on Macedonia's EU Bid

The cabinets of Bulgaria and Greece held a joint sitting in Athens
Velislava Panova,
reporter of Standart

Good neighborly relations must be a prerequisite for the accession of the West Balkan countries into the EU and NATO, Bulgarian PM Boyko Borissov and his Greek counterpart Antonis Samaras agreed during a joint parliamentary sitting in Athens yesterday.
Last week Bulgaria did not support Macedonia's bid to start negotiations with the EU.
"Our stance is quite explicit - we have always supported the country's aspirations to join the EU and NATO. Macedonia is Bulgaria's closest neighbor and best friend in the Balkans, but there are criteria to be met first, especially the ones concerning the good neighborly relations.
"History cannot be rewritten or distorted; Bulgaria cannot tolerate any other country trying to rob it of its history," PM Boyko Borissov said in Brussels a few days ago.
Yesterday, Mr. Samaras agreed with Borissov's stance regarding Macedonia's EU aspirations.
"But tolerance and friendship have their limits," PM Borissov stated and explained that Bulgaria was the country which saved nearly all the Jews living on its territory during the WW II.
"Bulgarian people saved the lives of nearly 50,000 Jews as the Bulgarian stated refused to deport them to the concentrations camps in Germany. In this respect, do you think that Bulgaria deserves a movie against it? Due to its tolerance, its friendly terms, due to its openness... Recently it became clear that Macedonia had made a movie named Third Half. The movie provoked sharp reactions when it transpired that the film was aimed against Bulgaria. Even MEPs jumped against the film. It was also criticized by public organizations and Bulgarian institutions. According to the preliminary information, the movie wrongly depicts the events around the deportation of the Jews living in Macedonia and Western Thrace during the WW II.
Mr Samaras will visit Bulgaria in February 2013.


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