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Opinion THURSDAY, 17 January 2013

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Bulgaria Can Bring Its Youngsters Back Home

Dochka graduated from the world’s most prestigious university cum laude

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(Sofia, Jan 17) - In the opinion of Dochka Hristova, a Bulgarian girl who graduated from Oxford cum laude, Bulgaria is a country with a great potential.

"It is true that the country tops the list of the EU members with the highest unemployment rate and the share of unemployed youths is the largest. It means that many young people who are talented and industrious have not yet found a chance for self-realization.

The potential for economic growth is huge in Bulgaria and the promotion of small and medium-sized business could be a step towards bringing it out to the full. It will also contribute to drawing back home many of the Bulgarian youths who are currently working abroad (Especially in Greece and Spain.) They will be able to provide for their families working in Bulgaria.

According to The Economist, currently the number of young Bulgarians seeking better future outside their homeland exceeds one million. A political will for reforms could make the country a magnet for its young people, Dochka concluded.



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