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Opinion THURSDAY, 7 February 2013

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Certain Circles in Bulgaria Pressed Us Not to Link Hezbollah with Bourgas Bombing

Nikolay Mladenov
Bulgaria's Foreign Minister

(Sofia, Feb 7) - If Bulgaria did not have enough arguments to state that the traces of the terrorist attack at Bourgas airport lead to the military wing of Hezbollah, we wouldn't have stated it, believe me.

We have enough grounds to think that the bomb attack was inspired and organized by the people who are part of the Hezbollah military wing.

The paradigm that “somebody presses you or you press someone,” exists only in the minds of the members of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and the nationalist Ataka party. Sparing the truth will not make you stronger, it will make you weaker.

Bulgaria is not a super power, but still it is a country with dignity and significant place on the world map. Nobody, ever, has pressed Bulgaria to come out with the results of its own investigation. We should have more respect to our own country and the institutions when this country makes  decisions.

The responsibility that we have is shared with all of our allies. I’d rather say that Bulgaria was pressured not to make such a statement. Unfortunately, this pressure came from certain circles here in Bulgaria. But if we concealed what had been presented during the sitting of the Consultative Council on National security, if we succumbed to the temptation to keep silent, to hide and delay the truth, then the threat on Bulgaria's national security would have been even bigger.

The laudations for Bulgaria most clearly show who our allies are. The international trust to Bulgaria is bigger that the trust we have for each other here in Bulgaria.



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