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Bulgaria THURSDAY, 21 February 2013

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Protesters Demand Convention of the Grand National Assembly

People defy all political parties and keep up protests against monopolies

Protesters demanded a change in the political system and a convention of a Grand National Assembly
Photo Mihail Kurshovski
(Sofia, Feb 21) - The organizers of the public unrest in Sofia demanded a thorough change of the political system in the country hours after PM Boiko Borisov tabled his resignation. The fight is not over, the battle is going on. The protests will not be stopped, they declared. If the Premier is a man of dignity he should convene the Grand National Assembly before he goes, the citizens commented. Angel Slavchev, representative of the protesters in Sofia, said that the PM behaved arrogantly and made the uncontrolled power of the monopolies even stronger.    

The initiative committees across Bulgaria also confirmed that the protests will go on.

Till the end of the week, there will be new rallies and a nationwide protest will be staged on Sunday.
What we want is the overhaul of the political system in Bulgaria. What has happened in the last 23 years is outrageous the population of Bulgaria has melted by 1,400,400, the judicial system doesnt work, monopolies have become omnipotent, the media are not free. That is why we insist on the change of the political system we want majority vote. Every MP must know that those who neglect their work he/she can be replaced, the protests organizers declared.
The resignation of the government doesnt solve the problems. Bulgaria needs the convention of the Grand National Assembly and a new Constitution.

Vasil Shushkov
Zahari Belchev 


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